Cold Shower Design offers stable, feature-rich, and reasonably priced web hosting, with 24/7 website monitoring. We provide several web hosting options to suit your website’s needs:

  • Shared Web Hosting for smaller portfolio-type websites
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) environments for websites that need an exclusive environment, but the Client may not want to purchase and maintain hardware
  • Co-located Web Hosting server rack space at our data center in North Austin for Clients that want to own their hardware and have the ability to touch the server where their data is located. This is the top-level of security and accessibility

The websites that we host are monitored 24/7, with backups saved and able to be restored in a different geographic location in case of emergency. Our IT staff are geniuses and have the ability to inspect and resolve server level issues quickly and often times before you realize there is a problem.

We provide web hosting for many of our Clients, which allows us to work much more quickly and efficiently.

Please contact us to discuss web hosting.